Friday, March 6, 2009

Sandy Is

Sandy Isaacs
Break Away Moments

Winter Springs, FL

Tel: (407) 272-7522


As owner of Break Away Moments I have something 'very special' to offer at my themed specialty events, where each one is unique in nature...'To experience my events is to experience something extraordinary...the 'cutting edge' difference in social functions with a classy Caribbean emphasis. I want people to 'Break Away' from the ordinary venues and step into my world of classy events with a mystic Caribbean flair!

I'd also like for folks to feel the warmth of the islands, and the wonderful element of the Caribbean people and what we have to offer, as portrayed in each event...I'm seeking the diversity of the social groups, but am also recognizing the importance of my own personal background as a Jamaican ... I'm striving to attain elegance, quality, and a certain 'special atmosphere' at all of my affairs...The kind of atmosphere that I always sought when I would attend functions....I will have the kind of classic, custom-made events that will not compromise those standards. Of course, the possibilities are endless!...And you will want to be there!

Break Away Moments is only just getting started! I'm anxious to share my world of exclusive social functions with an upscale Caribbean emphasis and 'special touches' with you, my awesome audience. I promise that you wil meet, greet, mix and mingle, in style and classy flair! Join me and step into my world of irresistable vibes and top-notch events...designed especially with V.I.P. you in mind!

Sandy Isaacs, 51, Mother of five children...Shauna 23, Lauren 22, Jonathan 20, and twins Christian & Traci 17.

As you can see from Sandy's photo, she is looking great. It must be all the fun she is having on the Breakaway Moments she's been taking.

When I met with Sandy this past Thursday, we shared our heart, our stories, and of course about our children! Sandy's got me beat by one!

During our time together I felt my "joy receptor" rise about 10 levels. Sandy is an inspiring woman of faith and God is taking her places she never dreamed she be going! She's a wonderful loving mother and awesome entrepeneaur and Sandy will be one of the individuals I share about in Cinderella Released "Joy Recovery Stories."

Our meeting was a divine appointment and Sandy's laugh is contagious. You must contact her, get to meet her and definately make plans to go on one of her inexpensive "breakaway" tours. You won't be disappointed!

Cinderella Released, Thursday, March 5, 2009

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