Friday, March 6, 2009

Cinderella Released Meets Rodney Thomas

Thursday was a banner day for Cinderella Released. I got lost on the way to the printer to pick up the inserts for the Masquerade Celery Ball that is happening Saturday evening. BTW - How do you like my new house - maybe one day?

Little did I know what or whom I would meet at the Minuteman Press in Longwood. I stood behind this nice gentleman picking up his printing and we exchanged introductions. Something in our conversation led me, (He actually told me about Lavish Escape's co-owner Layne Clyburn whom I intend to meet with soon.) I began sharing with him about "Joy Recovery" and told him I had a brochure and pamphlet on "Virtue" in my car. He said, "I'll wait for you outside."

The next thing we are in a very deep conversation about the Lord, and Rodney Thomas, IE Home Services (His company renovates and restores houses like the one in the picture). Rodney then began to share with me, words of encouragement, things only God knew... He began to read my mail in other words. He began to talk about dreams, visions, streams and how God "planned to blend" my talents, giftings and callings in the marketplace. This was a divine and life changing moment and God knows I needed it!

Rodney used to work with Benny Hinn ministries, and knows some of the very answers to the questions I've been asking the Lord for help with.

One of the things I teach in Joy Recovery is the need for building relationships and how important it is for our "joy recovery." We are not an island to our selves, although some of the time I would like to be on one --- ALONE (except for Jesus of course)!

Thursday was a day of blessing for this Cinderella who has been released from the darkness, dreariness, sadness and worry, that tries to come and rain on the parade the Lord is trying to build in my life.

As I have been walking this "one day at a time" program, I am starting (note: I said starting) to learn that God does ordain each and every step if we are willing to take the step of faith and praise Him, even in the midst of the storms.

We serve a mighty God and I know Rodney will become a key individual in helping me find my destiny. I've prayed and asked God to put wise counsel in my path, and to seek safety in a multitude of counselors, as I try not to run wild in my pursuit of freedom in Christ. My old nature, the crouching, fearful Cinderella, is growing stronger and stronger each day. My prayer for the boldness of a Lion, I believe will be realized, and it will be tempered with the love of Jesus.

This encounter was just one of so many that I've journaled over the years. This meeting with Rodney and with Sandy on the same day, was almost too much for me to handle. It's almost as if it is surreal.

Today was a God day and He made it and I will rejoice in it!

Cinderella Released
Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sandy Is

Sandy Isaacs
Break Away Moments

Winter Springs, FL

Tel: (407) 272-7522


As owner of Break Away Moments I have something 'very special' to offer at my themed specialty events, where each one is unique in nature...'To experience my events is to experience something extraordinary...the 'cutting edge' difference in social functions with a classy Caribbean emphasis. I want people to 'Break Away' from the ordinary venues and step into my world of classy events with a mystic Caribbean flair!

I'd also like for folks to feel the warmth of the islands, and the wonderful element of the Caribbean people and what we have to offer, as portrayed in each event...I'm seeking the diversity of the social groups, but am also recognizing the importance of my own personal background as a Jamaican ... I'm striving to attain elegance, quality, and a certain 'special atmosphere' at all of my affairs...The kind of atmosphere that I always sought when I would attend functions....I will have the kind of classic, custom-made events that will not compromise those standards. Of course, the possibilities are endless!...And you will want to be there!

Break Away Moments is only just getting started! I'm anxious to share my world of exclusive social functions with an upscale Caribbean emphasis and 'special touches' with you, my awesome audience. I promise that you wil meet, greet, mix and mingle, in style and classy flair! Join me and step into my world of irresistable vibes and top-notch events...designed especially with V.I.P. you in mind!

Sandy Isaacs, 51, Mother of five children...Shauna 23, Lauren 22, Jonathan 20, and twins Christian & Traci 17.

As you can see from Sandy's photo, she is looking great. It must be all the fun she is having on the Breakaway Moments she's been taking.

When I met with Sandy this past Thursday, we shared our heart, our stories, and of course about our children! Sandy's got me beat by one!

During our time together I felt my "joy receptor" rise about 10 levels. Sandy is an inspiring woman of faith and God is taking her places she never dreamed she be going! She's a wonderful loving mother and awesome entrepeneaur and Sandy will be one of the individuals I share about in Cinderella Released "Joy Recovery Stories."

Our meeting was a divine appointment and Sandy's laugh is contagious. You must contact her, get to meet her and definately make plans to go on one of her inexpensive "breakaway" tours. You won't be disappointed!

Cinderella Released, Thursday, March 5, 2009

IE Home Services - Interior & Exterior Professional Solutions

Would you like for your home to be the get away of all "getaways?"

IE Home Services is a professional renovation and restoration company for upscale corporate and executive homes.

Rodney Thomas
Sales & Marketing

Cinderella Released's Encounter with Sandy Isaacs

Break Away Moments & The Caribbean Islands....
When I think of the Caribbean I think of home!....Home of beautiful beaches where the water stretches for miles beyond the horizon, with color so blue while ever so clear....I think of the sand, everlasting and white, fine sand that's for sifting and forever alright.... I connotate images of gorgeous, riveting sunsets, with color that glows so much beyond the imagination....I think of the hot Caribbean sun which penetrates each pore and feels so good....

And then I think of the contrast of tropical nights with stars so bright, and the seabreeze that gives way to the gentleness of night... I think of the laughter of the people, smiling faces, young children who are 'youthful', arts and craft that are indigenous to the island perspective, and artists painting, carving and sculpting their vision into works that only 'handmade love' could create.

I think of the beauty of the island flora so captivating in bloom, and the fauna that's lush and seen everywhere....Poinciana, coconut and mango trees...There's nothing like them, and the images you see... I think of the people who simply 'tell it like it is' ...yet, are warm, affectionate, and ever caring as it is. Ethnic island foods so native and great....What other cooking serves to so rate?... The smell of the islands so perfect and sweet....pungent fruit smells just permeate and treat!...

Colorful fruit, beautiful people, magnificent islands, sensational heat.....The Caribbean rhythm, the Caribbean beat....The liveliest of people, the best that there is!...I think of the music with the reggae beat...Steel drum, steel pan, pretty much the same thing....Simply, one rhythm filled with such zest!....Vibrant, hot, lavish and slow.....'No problem, man!' is often heard, and to many is said....Carefree, fun loving, happiness and glee....These are the sentiments that express exactly what my homeland Jamaica, and other islands mean to me!

Sandy Isaacs

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