Friday, March 6, 2009

Cinderella Released Meets Rodney Thomas

Thursday was a banner day for Cinderella Released. I got lost on the way to the printer to pick up the inserts for the Masquerade Celery Ball that is happening Saturday evening. BTW - How do you like my new house - maybe one day?

Little did I know what or whom I would meet at the Minuteman Press in Longwood. I stood behind this nice gentleman picking up his printing and we exchanged introductions. Something in our conversation led me, (He actually told me about Lavish Escape's co-owner Layne Clyburn whom I intend to meet with soon.) I began sharing with him about "Joy Recovery" and told him I had a brochure and pamphlet on "Virtue" in my car. He said, "I'll wait for you outside."

The next thing we are in a very deep conversation about the Lord, and Rodney Thomas, IE Home Services (His company renovates and restores houses like the one in the picture). Rodney then began to share with me, words of encouragement, things only God knew... He began to read my mail in other words. He began to talk about dreams, visions, streams and how God "planned to blend" my talents, giftings and callings in the marketplace. This was a divine and life changing moment and God knows I needed it!

Rodney used to work with Benny Hinn ministries, and knows some of the very answers to the questions I've been asking the Lord for help with.

One of the things I teach in Joy Recovery is the need for building relationships and how important it is for our "joy recovery." We are not an island to our selves, although some of the time I would like to be on one --- ALONE (except for Jesus of course)!

Thursday was a day of blessing for this Cinderella who has been released from the darkness, dreariness, sadness and worry, that tries to come and rain on the parade the Lord is trying to build in my life.

As I have been walking this "one day at a time" program, I am starting (note: I said starting) to learn that God does ordain each and every step if we are willing to take the step of faith and praise Him, even in the midst of the storms.

We serve a mighty God and I know Rodney will become a key individual in helping me find my destiny. I've prayed and asked God to put wise counsel in my path, and to seek safety in a multitude of counselors, as I try not to run wild in my pursuit of freedom in Christ. My old nature, the crouching, fearful Cinderella, is growing stronger and stronger each day. My prayer for the boldness of a Lion, I believe will be realized, and it will be tempered with the love of Jesus.

This encounter was just one of so many that I've journaled over the years. This meeting with Rodney and with Sandy on the same day, was almost too much for me to handle. It's almost as if it is surreal.

Today was a God day and He made it and I will rejoice in it!

Cinderella Released
Thursday, March 5, 2009

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