Monday, December 8, 2008

Day Seven

The fact that Debbie Hannah Skinner is an artist is not the only thing that distinguishes her from other speakers. You see, she is a “heartist,” someone who communicates from her heart to yours through a unique blend of words, art, drama and music. Debbie’s passion is to point women to Jesus Christ by skillfully weaving her words and water-media paintings with wisdom from Scripture.

Day Six

“Simplify Your Holidays” Interview with Marcia RamslandSimplify the Holidays turns the usual seasonal stress into organizational success. The holidays are as much a matter of organization as they are a matter of the heart. The two work together. Organization during the holidays IS an expression of the heart.

Many people use the day after Thanksgiving as the day to trigger serious actions for Christmas. However, Marcia discovered that Thanksgiving is a floating holiday which means it could fall four and a half weeks before Christmas or as late as three and a half weeks.

Thats why some people say, Christmas came early this year. Because sometimes it does, Marcia says. more...

Day Five

Sandra P. Alrich - Overcoming Grief

“Will I Ever Be Whole Again?” by Sandra P. Aldrich
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Day Four

Karen Power - Musician, Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Writer

With a passion to help Christian communicators share their messages with audiences around the world, Karen utilizes her multi-faceted skills to empower speakers to be the best they can be.

She has written stories in Making the Blue Plate Special by Florence Littauer, Marita Littauer and Lauren Littauer Briggs, and Your Spiritual Personality by Marita Littauer.

Over the years, Karen has been a musician, speaker, corporate trainer, writer, certified personality trainer, virtual assistant, and Bible teacher. Born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida in a committed and active Christian family, she grew up in a musical environment traveling the southeast region. Karen started playing drums at age 11 and later playing bass guitar for local Christian bands with styles ranging from southern gospel to contemporary Christian. She wrote several Christian songs that were recorded by local artists. [Read more...]

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Day Three

Setting Boundaries for your Adult Children You Tube Click Here

Allison Bottke On Setting Boundaries With Your Adult Children

An interview with Allison Bottke, author of Setting Boundaries with Your Adult Children: Six Steps to Hope and Healing for Struggling Parents.

The book comes out of your own personal experience with your son. Please tell us about that. Visit our blog

Day Two

Seed Sowers Series There is a song with a verse that goes like this, "He is our peace, He has broken down every wall, He is our peace, He is our peace. Cast all your cares on Him, For He cares for you...."

I've always sung the song as if the walls that are being broken down refer to the troubles I face in my life. Not so. After singing that song for so long, I finally see, the song is not about the walls (my troubles), at all, but it's about Jesus.

Day One

The mission of SMORE for Women is to inspire and encourage women, especially single mothers, to discover and develop their abilities and inner strengths.

Gail Showalter is a heartwarming, moving, and genuine speaker and storyteller. Her passion is to assist others in becoming the person God imagined them to be when He first created them.