Friday, March 6, 2009

Cinderella Released's Encounter with Sandy Isaacs

Break Away Moments & The Caribbean Islands....
When I think of the Caribbean I think of home!....Home of beautiful beaches where the water stretches for miles beyond the horizon, with color so blue while ever so clear....I think of the sand, everlasting and white, fine sand that's for sifting and forever alright.... I connotate images of gorgeous, riveting sunsets, with color that glows so much beyond the imagination....I think of the hot Caribbean sun which penetrates each pore and feels so good....

And then I think of the contrast of tropical nights with stars so bright, and the seabreeze that gives way to the gentleness of night... I think of the laughter of the people, smiling faces, young children who are 'youthful', arts and craft that are indigenous to the island perspective, and artists painting, carving and sculpting their vision into works that only 'handmade love' could create.

I think of the beauty of the island flora so captivating in bloom, and the fauna that's lush and seen everywhere....Poinciana, coconut and mango trees...There's nothing like them, and the images you see... I think of the people who simply 'tell it like it is' ...yet, are warm, affectionate, and ever caring as it is. Ethnic island foods so native and great....What other cooking serves to so rate?... The smell of the islands so perfect and sweet....pungent fruit smells just permeate and treat!...

Colorful fruit, beautiful people, magnificent islands, sensational heat.....The Caribbean rhythm, the Caribbean beat....The liveliest of people, the best that there is!...I think of the music with the reggae beat...Steel drum, steel pan, pretty much the same thing....Simply, one rhythm filled with such zest!....Vibrant, hot, lavish and slow.....'No problem, man!' is often heard, and to many is said....Carefree, fun loving, happiness and glee....These are the sentiments that express exactly what my homeland Jamaica, and other islands mean to me!

Sandy Isaacs

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